The Search Begins...

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The Search Begins...

Post by Elphelt Valentine on Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:54 am

The Legendary Celestial Haven. A safe Haven existing within Heaven itself. In it, you are completely safe. You cannot be harmed physically or mentally. You cannot fall ill or age. You will live forever. Legend tells that the gods left a way for it to be entered by mortals, but it was lost to the ages. Many centuries passed, and many searched, but nothing was found. Eventually, humanity gave up on finding it and returned to their normal lives. But one heard of the legend, and seeked to find the haven. And for this purpose, she dispatched a newly reprogrammed agent, perfect for the job. The story begins in a place known as the Backyard, where this agent is assigned her mission.

"....Reprogramming complete. Rise, my child."

On the command, bright blue eyes opened to the world. The form of a young woman floated in place before a large cloud of red mist, the source of the voice.

"Hello, Mother." The woman said, her voice devoid of emotion.

"The only thing I have allowed you to remember from your previous mission is that it was a failure. I am willing to forgive you for that and offer you a second chance. But do not fail me again.

"I won't, Mother. What will you have me do?"

"There is a Legendary location called the Celestial Haven. I wish to claim it for myself. You will find this place and conquer it in my name. You may use your old personality to fool the people, but if anyone stands in your way, eliminate them without hesitation. Understood?"

"I will, Mother. I will not fail you again."

"Very good. I will now transport you to a Kingdom that knows of the Haven."

A white light surrounded the female and she vanished. Soon reappearing outside of a Kingdom's Capital City. She looked forward to its entrance, nodding to herself.

"I will not fail again. Mother, wait for me. The Celestial Haven will be yours."

With those words, the emotionless expression on her face turned to a cheerful smile as she took a bouquet of roses into her hands and skipped into the city to begin her search. The city was lively, with people going about their daily business and children playing in the streets. The female, Elphelt, looked on it all with a smile but also thought about where to start looking.

"I know! I'll try the library!"

She then began skipping to the large building with the picture of a large book over the door.

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