Rules of Engagement

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Rules of Engagement

Post by Elphelt Valentine on Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:05 pm

Welcome to the Celestial Haven! As the title would suggest, this site was created as a haven from problems and strictness. Mainly Facebook and its disabling of RP accounts, but that's really beside the point. That being said, that doesn't mean there won't be rules here. Need to keep order after all.

Rule No. 1: Do unto others. Be kind and civil to people and you will receive the same. Bullying and slander will not be tolerated. If any bullying does occur and the Owner, an admin or mod is not around to see it, it is the responsibility of the victim and/or witnesses to report it.

Rule No. 2: Keep it clean. No icons or signatures that depict explicit sexual activity, hetero or homo, are allowed. The same goes for fetishes. Foot, vore, etc. Gore is allowed, but only to a certain extent. If you wish to do a sexual roleplay/smut, you are to specify it as such using [NSFW] or another sign. Speaking of smut, it is only allowed if both parties are consensual. No non-con or rape will be allowed and doing so makes you subject to a temporary ban.

Rule No. 3: Be literate. This rule is a bit loose, as small grammar errors are acceptable. After all, no one's perfect, and not everyone who joins will have English as their native language. [On that subject, RPing in other languages is allowed.] We do ask that you type in an understandable fashion and give your partner(s) enough to work with. That does mean however, that one-lining is not allowed outside of OOC talk or crack RPs. The lowest format allowed is single-para, and the highest is novella. Use the format that works best for you.

Rule No. 4: Be fair. This means no godmodding or autoing of any kind. If you don't know what those terms mean:

Godmodding: Having an obscenely powerful character with no weaknesses and a large amount of powers and abusing those powers.

Autoing: In a fight, stating in your post that your attack/move hits your opponent without fail and not giving your opponent any way of defending or avoiding it or controlling your opponents character to do so.. Also known as powerplaying.

Metagaming: Stating that your character knows everything about another when they have never met without a well justified reason.

Rule No. 5: Limits. You are allowed a maximum amount of 7 accounts at any one time. You are allowed to switch the character on your account any time you wish, but make sure others know it's you. Also, females are allowed to RP as male characters and vice versa. Do not mock or look down on another if they do this.

Rule No. 6: The chat rules. The chatbox serves as an easy way for members to get together and chat with each other. The above rules of conduct apply there. NO bullying, slander or rape. Sex isn't allowed either, even if it is consensual. Keep that private. Otherwise, anything goes. Joking around and the like. It is also encouraged to exchange info through the chat.

Other things:

Two users are allowed to RP the same character, but if one of them posts in a thread, the other cannot unless the plot calls for it. It is strictly forbidden for one to bully the other about RPing the same character. This will be swiftly dealt with.

In the event of a violation:

If any of the above rules are violated, the culprit will be given two more chances in a "Three strikes you're out" fashion. Three strikes and they will be banned from topics and the chat for a week. If they violate the rules again, it's another week ban. If they do it again, they are banned for good.

The Owner of the site, that's me, reserves the right to add new rules and edit current ones. The admins are also allowed to add rules as long as I approve them. Normal members may request rules as well, as long as they have not broken the rules themselves.
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