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Facebook Backup 2

Post by Elphelt Valentine on Sat Nov 12, 2016 7:35 pm

In a rather darken forest, the young Adept known as Gunvolt travelled through it. It was dark, save for the moon shining brightly in the sky. Though, with this forest, the Moonlight seemed to be getting covered by the mess and mangled branches of the trees. Which would pretty much block out any light source.
"Hm..?" Stopping a bit, he looked up at the trees. Not much he could see. "I can't see the moonlight and it is rather dark. I could always... try to find my way around this place."
He did have other ways of navigating. His basic instincts. He could use his electrical powers as well to light the way. Though, he had to conserve that power. What if he was lost and had to stay in this place? Who knew.
Looking around, he decided to press on his journey. Though, it seemed to be getting more creepy. The forest that is. No other adepts or foes were in it. There were animals of course. Other things as well. Though, he was smart enough to hold his own in these situations. Field training did help him for this.
"This place gives me the chills..." He said to himself.
He held out his left hand and emitted a small current, maybe to light his way and hope he could find a way out of here.
However, he came to a stop.He was staring at something. A hollowed tree that appeared menacing He paused,staring at it. He didn't know what to say or even do. HE was just at a loss and kind of well. One can be the judge of this.

It was another peaceful night in the infamous Witch's Forest. The deep, dark woods were seen as a place of horror among the children attending the nearby school. Rumors floated about that a Witch lived there. And any who would dare intrude upon her territory would be eternally cursed.

Those rumors were true, to an extent. The young girl who now walked through those woods was indeed a Witch. But not in the usual sense. The girl named Selene was an Adept. And her Septima, Hecate granted her abilities mirroring those of a Witch. However, she did not curse people. Nor did she bear a hatred toward non-Adepts like those from Sumeragi or Eden. All Selene wanted was to be left alone. Whenever someone did wander into her forest, she made use of the enchantment she put on it to mislead them, making them walk in circles before finally depositing them back where they entered.

Selene was on an outing, gathering herbs for cooking and potions. As usual, she wore a black cloak to hide her face, not only to keep her identity hidden, but also since she was very shy. As she made her way to the gnarled tree that usually was enough to scare off the overly curious, she caught sight of a bright blue light. With a soft gasp, she hid behind the tree and observed the newcomer.

Blond hair, blue clothing, control over electricity.... The last thing she expected was for the famed Azure Striker to enter her territory. She wasn't in a hurry to lure him out, but she instead wanted to meet him. The only problem with that was.... Her crippling shyness.

It was at that moment that she initiated an encounter in her own way. Selene moved away from the tree and ran in the opposite direction, purposely drawing attention to herself by playing the mysterious child initiating a game. It was her hope that Gunvolt would become curious and follow her.
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