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Character bios

Post by Elphelt Valentine on Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:35 pm

If you want to introduce us to your character, this is the place to do it!

A few notes, though:

If you switch the character on your account or post a bio for one of your alts, please state the name of your original character/account at the top of your post.

You are allowed to use pictures in your bio, but please don't make them too big.

If you need a format, you can use the one below, but you can also use your own.





Headcanons [For a canon character, optional]:

Musical Themes [Optional]:



Trivia [Optional]:
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Re: Character bios

Post by Night Terror on Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:30 pm

Name: Night Terror

Nicknames: Big red, Terror, uncle Night ( by his adopted niece)

Age: Has existed since ancient times as Soul Edge, the sword itself is everlasting.

Birthplace: Unknown

Birthdate: unknown

Species: Demon/ demonic sword

Family: Nightmare (alter ego)
Elysium (Sister/Counterpart)

weapon: soul edge complete (zweihander type)

blood type: none

height: unable to determine

weight: unable to determine

weapon: Soul edge (complete)

Weapon name: Soul Edge (complete)

Hair: None

Eyes: beady yellow

Discipline: Memories of Nightmare

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Final boss, Adventurer

Abilities and skills: The ability to fly, fire eye beam projectiles, release a massive soul wave is able to draw in and crush his opponents able to cause slight quakes and stumble his opponents, and can ram into his opponents while flying, unleashes energy waves from sword by swinging it after gathering enough energy. Due to his memories of being Nightmare in the past his swordplay skills has been improved.

History: When an action is so reckless that it will bring one's own destruction, it is often too late by the time one realizes it. For Zasalamel, the appearance of Night Terror was a perfect example of this.

Even Zasalamel underestimated the power of the cursed sword. it far surpassed that of his secret arts. During the ritual when Zasalamel attempted to take the power of Soul Edge for himself. it fused with not only the summoned Nightmare but with even the power of Soul Calibur. becoming a terrible incarnation of pure destructive will. It is likely that Zasalamel saw it's form--Night Terror. Perhaps it had retraced the memories of the blue armor. Or perhaps it had a remnant of the self-will that had formed while it used Siegfried as a host whatever the case. this entity bore a slight resemblance to Nightmare it easily escaped Zasalamels control and appeared behind him wielding it's power like raging current, and obliterated him.

The man who had craved death met his end-- though not in the way he had intended. In his place, an unprecedented catastrophe gained wing and claw and was released upon the world.

Present era
400 years had passed since the demonic being began living in the empty dimension known as Astral chaos, it came to a point where he had to get out and roam free to wherever he pleased. After escaping from the place that acted as a home to the winged catastrophe, Night Terror was stunned to discover everything had changed during his absence. After venturing far and wide from different places, Night Terror came across many types of humans, a couple of vampires, the queen of the nasod race, a few half breeds, and even an elf. He discovered the people he had encountered, and befriended also happened to be skilled warriors, and to his surprise the legend of Soul Edge still lingered on. Now he lives in the human world inside a a manor that he had purchased.

Personality: varies from being calm collective, to being violent, destructive and blood thirsty.

Headcanons: Night Terror is the final boss of Soul Calibur 3, Algol the creator of soul calibur is wary of his power.

Musical themes: World Distortion (Soul Calibur III)

Mother and Father: has never had any parents throughout his existence.

Trivia: According to the Project Soul Website, Night Terror's wings are actually considered to be a part of Soul Edge (Complete).

In Soulcalibur IV, Nightmare's second costume looks somewhat like Night Terror and his eyes also "glow" when he does certain poses much like Night Terror's did.

Sometimes after fighting Night Terror in certain game modes in Soulcalibur III and returning to the title screen will result in a strange hardly understandable voice saying "Soulcalibur III!". The voice sounds like Necrid, but is supposed to be Night Terror.

Nightmare's theme music in Soulcalibur V is "Pavor Nocturnus", another name for the sleep disorder "Night Terror", and likely a reference to the character Night Terror.

Night Terror is given an entry the New Legends of Project Soul book in which he is described as the personification of 'Catastrophe'. Night Terror is said to exist in Astral Chaos where he destroys all souls who cross his path. Even Algol chooses to not interfere with him at present time, due to his immeasurable power.

Out of all the in-game NPC characters to appear in the series, Night Terror is the most stable one when accessed through a cheat device. Though he cannot fight himself or be selected in Tales of Souls, he operates perfectly otherwise and even has a glitch free Weapon Demonstration where he uses Nightmare's kata.

A few of "its" moves are borrowed from True Ogre of the Tekken Franchise.

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Re: Character bios

Post by Madlax on Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:03 am

Name: Madlax
Nicknames: Kind Killer, The Gatekeeper of Hell is all Alone
Birthday: Exact date unknown
Age: 17 (?)
Height: About 5'10"
Weight: ???
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Grayish blue
Species: Human (?)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Mercenary, bodyguard.

Abilities: Superior reflexes, lethal skill in both Gun-Kata and CQC
Healing factor (not particularly super), immortality.

History: As with Margaret Burton, Madlax initially couldn't remember anything before twelve years ago except for the word "Madlax". She adopted that as her callsign. The only things she remembered at first were images of a gun in her hands and her father walking away - Madlax believed that her father was still alive somewhere in Gazth-Sonika. Over time, many bizarre connections between Margaret and Madlax come to light.
It is revealed that Madlax is a persona of Margaret, born to bear the weight of patricide when she killed her father in self-defense. After the destruction of the Enfant organization responsible for the war in Gazth-Sonika, Margaret accepted what she had done, allowing Madlax to live a life of her own.

Personality: Despite her profession, Madlax can be a rather nice person. She doesn't like involving people in conflicts that have nothing to do with them. To that end, she prefers to find the quickest way to end hostilities. Madlax is also noted for a habit of detouring from an objective to keep/save bystanders from perilous situations that result from her work. In regards to conversation, while kinder than the average mercenary, Madlax doesn't pull punches with her words. To her, stupid is called "stupid", plain and simple.

"Mother": Ms. Burton
"Father": Colonel Richard "Madlax" Burton (the callsign was originally his)

Headcanons: Madlax doesn't choose her clients based on the amount they're willing to pay.
While she isn't working a contract, Madlax tends to drift about from place to place.
Her SIG P-210's are with her at nearly all times.

Musical Themes: Yuki Kajiura - Nowhere
Eumeria - Legion

Trivia: Madlax /loves/ pasta. Especially tortellini.


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Re: Character bios

Post by Azure Esper on Fri Jun 12, 2015 9:00 pm

Name: Azure Esper

Nicknames: Azzy

Birthday: September 1, 1996

Age: 18

Height: 5' 8

Weight: 223 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Purple Eyes

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Occupation: Wandering Adventurer

Abilities: Excellent Agility, utilizes Darkness-attributed Energy to attack with in battle. He does also have a means of self-defense, however. A long Katana with a Red tempered blade that is said to cleave boulders in half with one swift swing of the blade.

History:Azure is a mysterious young boy who originates from being left on the doorstep of a simple orphanage when he was close to his infant age. Although most of his past has become blank to him, he isn't all that determined to found out where his true origins lie one day. He has learned about how to teach himself about the world after leaving the orphanage at the age of 13. Being given books that contained a large amount of information about the current age had helped him understand the world of today.

Personality:  He isn't the aggressive type of person to go looking for fights, but he is usually the calm, and somewhat spunky type who prefers to relax in a hammock or settle down within a Zen Garden to eat his lunch or read a book.

Headcanons [For a canon character, optional]: None Available.

Musical Themes [Optional]: Evening Dreamscape Pt.1 - Sonic BTS

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Trivia [Optional]: None Available
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Re: Character bios

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