Adventures In A Strange Place [Moved from Fusion]

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Adventures In A Strange Place [Moved from Fusion]

Post by Elphelt Valentine on Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:35 pm

This is a topic moved from Fusion RP to save, and potentially continue it. These are the original rules.

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"Are you okay there, Lad?"


"Ye look yet took a beatin'.

Where was he now? Was this Oersted's world? Where he and his friends were once transported in? No, it was entirely different and seemed some what barren. There were people, though. Was this some sort of market place? The young psychic rubbed the side of his face. Wobbling a bit on his feet, Akira muttered a but. Placing his hand on the side of his cheek, he muttered softly.

Staggering a bit, Akira stumbled around a bit and nearly fell onto a basket of fruits. A few of the people around him gathered around him. Sure, he was a stranger. Sticking out like a sore thumb. The person who was speaking to him? A Kindly, yet old man walked over to the Psycho Driver and kept him supported up a bit.

"Easy there, laddy. You're in the Outworld Market place. Ya looked like you took up a beating. Took ya in. Do be careful. I wrapped up yer wounds."

Giving a light nod, Akira seemed to understand. Though. How did he get here? Or why was he summoned?

"What a strange place..." Akira said to himself.

He picked up one of the apples from the basket and took a bite from it. Rubbing his forehead where his cross shaped scar was; he felt out of place. Really out of place. Though. If anything would happen to him. He had his Psychic Powers. He had his fists as well. Maybe he could peek into the minds of the people around here? Didn't seem like it would be a bad idea.

Taking another bite of the apple, he passed by a sleeping tiger like creature. Giving a shrug, he finished his apple and tossed the core in an empty basket. At least no one should notice. Though. He wondered one thing. Why did his side hurt so bad? He was bandaged up around his torso. Maybe he could ask a few people why he is here? Or would just try to blend in? Sure, his attire made him stick out like a sore thumb.

Maybe he shouldn't worry about it or think about it too hard.


The sun. A bright spectacle of golden brilliance, shining over this landscape giving off an infinite source of light and wisdom. It burned like hellfire casting its flames down on the already scorched Earth. Or rather, the Outworld, as the elderly figure presented its name in familiarity. The elderly man knew much about the place just by the looks of him; though the same could be said with people with as many years of experience as him. Given you stick to a place for a certain period of time, you develop a sixth sense, able to pick up on the slightest abnormality. And in this case, that abnormality was Akira Tadokoro.


Or rather, it could easily be, two people?

A tall man dressed in full black, stepped quietly about the marketplace, casting bootprints into the sand which he trampled. Kicking up dust as he stride, a light audio of the shifting sand moving from his weight. A sword to his left hip, held down by the brown gloved hand that was his left. But it would be silly to assume a strap would hold down a sword, given his current attire? Or rather it would be a wiser choice. Nonetheless this is the way he chose to hold his weapon; at the ready, but also relaxed. It wouldn't take a supreme master of any martial art to know this man was very skilled at what he did. But would that man fight for what was good, or bad? He didn't look at all to be the nicest of people, but as the wise man once said, never judge a book by its cover.

A single doubloon, flying through the air, thrown from a free outstretched arm, the coin giving off a golden glimmer as it landed in the basket of apples the man named Akira took from, without paying. With the shopkeeper in question currently missing in action, it would be wrong to continuously steal, albeit without thinking, from his supplies. So it was he who thought chivalrously, the man dressed in full black in the blazing hot sun? Questions would arise in any man who previously judged him simply by looking at his choice in outer appearance.

A large black jacket hanging down past the back of his knees with the sleeves going up to the tip of his wrist, ending in cuffs. A pirate jacket, by the looks of it, but curiously there was no shirt to accompany. Rather what would be showing was his large, tanned muscular frame. A matching pair of pants to go with his jacket covered his lower half, with the dark brown boots previously mentioned. Dark black sunglasses covering his eyes, glinting in the sun, casting a glare. Brown fingerless gloves on both hands, the glove rather small, only going horizontally across his palms. And finally, a large black hat atop his head, with a white sash just reaching to the point where the hat becomes a brim. Acting as an accessory, tucked away into the white sash was a brighter, more magnificent in size and glimmer, doubloon.

Finally he made a noise other than the quiet sounds of footsteps. Supporting the man named Akira on his other side and tipping his large hat off to the elder, giving him the okay to leave. After all, an old fellow like him shouldn't push himself too hard, right? He supported the young man named Akira using his shoulder, helping him move while questioning why he would steal. Surely enough if somebody wanted to stop him, they easily could, given he wasn't in any shape to fight for himself? With a huff, he half dragged, half pulled him along, beginning not to care how much it hurt him.

"Alright, listen up pal. You've got ten seconds to tell me why you stole an apple from that basket back there, or I'm dragging you to the Police. Fight back, and I'll send you there in a box."

His tone harsh, hostile, not taking any prisoners. He wanted to know why the thief was the thief and he wanted to know it right away. Though the tone of his voice serious, the quote was a bluff. There were no Police that would simply take in any random street thug from an already wanted man, right? The Police would take them both in instantly and lock them away. The name of the man, Johnny, the Captain of a stolen ship straight out of the floating continent Zepp, commandeered an entire ship of women and girls of all ages. The suave man took the Captain's helm with such swagger that any woman would fall for him in seconds.... Sometimes, that wasn't the best thing though.

He took it upon himself to protect those less fortunate than the higher ups, and offer them all the money he ever took for himself, as a donation to charity. The modern day Robin Hood was looked up to by many Police forces, often times they never paid attention to him and even helped him, considering it "a crime of the heart". Though a stranger to these parts, the Police were funded by those that didn't exactly think along the same terms that the Captain did. More so, they grew frustrated their money was going missing and ending up God knows where, so using the money they have left, they hire Police forces to track him down. Unfortunately, this was one of those Towns, and Johnny didn't know it yet.

Though even if he did get caught, he could just escape. Not like he's never done that before.

Walking along still supporting the young psychic, he awaited his answer long overdue.


The young psychic placed his hands in his pockets. He was rather confused. Very confused. Maybe he wouldn't think about it so hard. He was far from home. Away from Neo Kyoto... Away from the Chibikko house; his own home. Worst of all. His sister, Kaori. Though, he could try to adapt an figure a way to get home. However, each step he took, he winched in pain. Pulling a hand from his pocket, he stared at his bandages that were wrapped around his middle.

What did attack him? He couldn't remember. All he remembered was waking up here not too long ago. Tugging at his bandages, he cringed a bit. Whatever happened to him, caused him allot of pain.

"D-Damn..." He muttered. "What th' fuck happened to me..? N'... Outworld? What kind world is that place?"

Though, he placed a hand on his wounded middle and closed his eyes. Every step he took, made him wince some more. He just wished this was a dream. A horrible dream. Bringing his hand down, the teen stared up at the sky. Putting his hands behind his head, he did have a small smile on his face. Ignoring his pain was a better idea.

"Maybe this place ain't so bad after all... I could..."

However, he was cut short when he bumped into someone. A rather tall, yet muscular person. Rubbing his forehead, Akira muttered softly. Muttering a few swears of course.

"B-bastard..." He spat. "What th' fuck are ya doin' in my way?!"

Though, he paused for a second. This man seemed to be helping him. There was no need for Akira to be hostile. He was being helped for once. Turning to face the other, he gave a rather baffled, yet concerned look.

"Dude.. are we in deep shit?" He asked. "Or... are ya takin' me some place?"


Lu and Ciel's classes:


It was a day like any other. Of course, in a place as desolate as the Outworld, a regular day was difficult. From what one would hear, the Outworld was a bleak place, ruled with an iron fist by a tyrant. That tyrant was the very reason a certain duo was here today.

Walking through the busy marketplace was a small girl. She seemed to skip along while eating a banana she had purchased from a nearby stand. This girl had waist length hair of a stark white and bright blue eyes that seemed to hold a four pointed star. She wore a short dress colored dark blue and black, with detached sleeves, and a white bow on the chest holding a yellow medallion in the center with the same star symbol on it. She also wore dark blue stockings that faded to an even darker hue near the top and black shoes in a Mary Jane design on her dainty feet. Her accessories were a black ribbon choker in a bow around her neck, and a small black crown sitting crookedly on the right side of her head. The girl also had some quite unusual features, such as pointed ears, small blue protrusions on her head that resembled horns and most strangely, a thin blue tail ending in a spade.

These features were not unusual for her, because she was in fact, a demon. Her name was Luciela R. Sourcream, but she went by the simpler nickname of Lu. Once a high ranking demon, she lost her status and was now on a journey to regain it.

Accompanying Lu, and carrying a bag of other things she bought, was a taller figure, that being a young man with short dark blue hair and vibrant blue eyes holding that same star symbol. A close enough look would reveal that the same symbol was on his forehead in black. He wore a black trenchcoat with a faux fur collar over a blue shirt, black pants and black shoes. He also wore a chain around his neck with a silver medallion showing the same star in blue, white gloves on his hands, and a silver cross shaped earring in his left ear. On either hip were sheathes holding his weapons, twin gunblades. Strangely, he also had pointed ears.

This man was Ciel, Lu's servant. Formerly an assassin, he gave his life to protect Lu and formed a contract with her to return to life as a half-demon. In return for this, he now accompanies her to help her achieve her goals.

As the pair proceeded through the shop area, Lu took a glance around and turned to Ciel.

"So, how do we get to this Emperor's palace?"

"That shop owner said it was north of here, but it won't be easy to reach." Came Ciel's calm reply.

Lu rolled her eyes as she took the last bite of her banana and tossed the peel into an empty corner.

"Typical. I'm certain that emperor knows about Demons though, so he should know something about where to find her..." Her referred to the advisor who betrayed her. The very thought of her face made the diminutive demon seethe with rage.

A ways ahead, the pair caught sight of another pair. A young man, it appeared. Being led somewhere by an older man in all black. Lu raised an eyebrow and glanced at Ciel.

"Where could they be going?" She asked.

"Not sure... It's unlikely they're going to the palace though. One of them looks injured. What do you propose we do?"

"I say.... We follow them. If the way to the palace is as dangerous as that guy says, we might need help. So we need to see if they're going to the same place we are."

"As you wish."

Their minds made up, the demonic duo followed the two men as subtly as they could, aiming to discover their destination.


Irked by a tiny bit at the foul language presented by the young man named Akira, the man dressed in black had the full intention of dropping him right on the sandy earth below his feet and walk off, probably present himself an offer to the Police here to give him some cash if he turned him in. But that wouldn't work out in his favor too much, suggesting that most people knew who he was and the fact he wasn't exactly free from the law enforcement himself. With that, he continued onward, heading towards an inn. Just a few clicks in front of him was that place in question, though trekking his way there would be sort of time-consuming considering he had to carry somebody all the way there.

"Yeah, I guess you are. Me? I'm all fine and dandy. No worries though mate, you're gonna get all fixed up. Hope you don't mind paying for it though."

That wasn't the only reason he treaded dirt just to head for an inn. This inn was one of the finer ones in all of outworld, and this man knew all about it. A place to relax and hold conversation. But most importantly, it had some of the finest rum ever made in all of history. The luxurious taste of sweet, honey flavored goodness, he longed for the sting of hard alcohol down his windpipe. What could possibly be better than it being served by the fine waitresses that ran the inn as well? Johnny just wasn't the kind of guy to turn down a sweet offer like that.

Along the way, picking up with his sensitive ears and a sort of sixth sense he had developed by being the Captain of a ship for so many long years, there was that strange feeling of being watched. Call it paranoia if you will, but a hunch from a Pirate was never wrong. Most would laugh at a sense such as this one, but Johnny knew a story or two where that same feeling saved his skin. He remembered the time he was ambushed by that lousy gear with the long black hair, hellbent on saving one of his crewmates from the hands of Humans. Johnny took him downtown pretty easily with his unmatched skill with the sword, but he wasn't alone. His crewmates always were there to back him up whenever he was in trouble. A single man cannot take on an army, and that was a too well-known of a fact to the Captain.

"My young lady senses are tingling."

The shimmering of his glasses against the burning, golden sun, another coin flipping through the air as he let go of the Psychic for a moment, giving him a warning before-hand to prepare to stand on his own. This coin, as luminescent as the sun, glimmering like it was glitter and reflecting images like a mirror, it landed in Johnny's hand as it descended from the air. He stared for a long moment, this a discreet way of sensing followers. He picked up the images of some big guy and a little girl trailing behind him, while looking as if he was simply marveling at the masterpiece of gold. Now it was the matter of somehow dealing with his pursuers, and that's when the big idea surfaced. No person would attempt ambush of a man in public, that was one of the rules of ambushing; never do it around other people. Stuffing the coin back into his coat pocket, he put a hand on the Psychic's shoulder, giving him the heads up.

"Looks like today's your lucky day pal, I got the cash to pay for all that you need. Next time you outta watch your back to make sure nobody's following, mate....."

Hinting strongly toward Akira, he walked along toward the inn, hoping Akira would pick up on the signal Johnny just gave him. The sword from before tucked away neatly into his belt to allow usage of both hands, and it was with those hands the doors of the inn forced open by the act of pushing. In only a small glance and the sniff of the air, Johnny picked up on what he had been waiting for; that sweet, unmistakable sensation of rum. Oh yeah, this was how a man could live life to the fullest, no matter the age. With a hand motion to Akira, he aimed to welcome him inside, offering a coin to pay for some of the excellent services.

"Right this way buddy. Drinks on me for tonight, but you owe me!"


Maybe it would be a good idea. He could trust this man that was helping him. At least it wasn't someone who wanted his head on a platter. Maybe he could strike a conversation with the man in black? Would the other two be joining them? The more, the merrier they always say. Ignoring his pain and placing his hands in his pants pockets, Akira gave a small, yet reassuring smile on his face. This man called Johnny reminded him of Matsu. A place to stay at sounded good. VERY good. It was better than sitting on some dirt floor outside and getting gawked at for his odd choice of clothing.

"I guess a nice bed would dome well, yo." Akira said in his voice. He closed his eyes and gave a light sigh. "Before we do anythin', can we check m'wounds? I was walkin' in some scary ass forest n' somethin' attacked me."

Maybe too much talk wouldn't be a good idea. Maybe it was better to keep the chitchat to a minimum? Who knew. Akira was sure he wouldn't be a bother to Johnny. What about the other two? Pretty sure Akira wouldn't be a bother. After all. When he was stuck in Oersted's world, he met people older than him. Sundown Kid, the cowboy. Masarau, the brawler and even Oboro-Maru, the swift ninja of Japan. Everyone from different eras, bonding together in an adventure.

Looking up at the interior of the inn, the psychic gave a smile. At least it was better than using the grass or some dirt covered ground to sleep on. Looking over at Johnny, he rubbed the back of his head, giving a feeble laugh.

"So, this is the swanky place? I could use a nice, cosy bed, a shower n' maybe a bite t'eat."

He then stared down at his bandages that were still wrapped around on his middle. Akira did have many scars on his body. Most from fights. Which included the one on his forehead and the one across his chest. Notmany people his age sported scars on their body. However, his mind was about that inn and some relaxation. Though, the thought of food sounded good.

"Say,dude? Uh..."Who are ya?" He asked. "I mean. We should exchange some names, plus, looks like we are gettin' a couple more people followin' us."

He rubbed the side of his face, which was followed by a soft laugh. Maybe he should close his yap for a while. He then walked ahead and sat at one of the small chairs. Maybe getting a room would be good. A Room and food no less.

"Can we stay fora few days? I wanna know why I am here. Much less why we are ALL here of all things."

He was confused. So very confused. Maybe it was the same sort of events that brought him into Oersted's universe? Someone was up. Something really strange. So, he had to be summoned here. Something was up. So why was this man in black here? Or the other two? Questions later. Rest, food and relaxing was something needed now.

He pulled his coat off and slung it over his left shoulder. He was just worn out. It was good to be in a place that would be better than sleeping out doors in a strange place. Akira was a bit more thankful for this. However. He did worry about one thing. His family. Well, his kid sister back at the Chibikko house, the orphans and Taeko. They were his family. Giving a soft, yet depressed sigh, his stomach emitted a light rumble. His expression faded into a rather nervous one, followed by a feeble laugh.

"Aww...dammit..." He said to himself.

It occurred to him that he hasn't eaten for a while. Aside from that apple he stole. Shaking his head, he remained silent and tried to keep his stomach muffled as well.


One pair continued to trail behind the other, closely watching their every move. The older man flipped a gold coin into the air, seemingly for no apparent reason, but Ciel detected something more. His history as an assassin and his weapon of choice gave him sharp eyes even before his initial death, which becoming a half-demon only served to intensify. The servant kept his eyes locked on the tall man, his instinct telling him that he knew they were there. A hunch that was confirmed by the younger man's words about "A couple more people." Ciel sighed softly. The jig was up. He cast a glance to Lu, who was pouting. She seemed to know this as well.

When the group arrived at the inn, Ciel stopped Lu at the door while the men went in. The little demon looked up at her servant with a questioning expression.

"So, you know it too huh?"She asked.

"Yeah. They know we're following them. And they might be suspicious of us as well."

"Any bright ideas?"

"Yes, in fact. I think we should approach this differently. We do not have any hostile intentions, so we should act that way."

"So we should act a bit more friendly?"

"Precisely. If you would allow me to take the lead for a while?"

Alright then."

Ciel nodded and opened the inn doors, entering the building with Lu close behind. It didn't take long to locate the men, as they had yet to do anything. As soon as he did, Ciel walked over to them, offering a polite bow before speaking.

"Pardon me, but I think there was a bit of a misunderstanding. My companion and I were following you, but not for any dishonest reason. We came here to speak to someone, that is all. And if you will have us, we would like to accompany you for a while. And we are perfectly capable of paying for ourselves."

Lu stood beside Ciel and listened as he spoke, glancing at both Ciel himself and the two men while waiting to see how they would react to his proposal.

"This better work..." She thought.
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