The Broken God

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The Broken God

Post by Etihw on Fri Jun 12, 2015 12:48 am

"It was a lie... I was a fool for believing it."

"Maybe if I'd done things differently..."

"Or maybe this was a wake up call... Maybe this is how this is the world is supposed to be..."

The Gray Garden was never the same after the invasion. It became a much darker shade since the invasion of the Flame World's Devil. He defeated the young Demons and Angels depite having most of his power stolen, then completed his task of killing The Gray Garden's Devil and stripping him of his power. The God of this world had escaped from the imprisonment she was kept in and discovered the horrid fact. The person that meant the most to her was dead. She was mocked by both the Flame Devil and herself. The so called "peace" she thought she had achieved was an illusion. Broken by the first attack.

She changed the world after that. She had to change it. To prevent anything like this from ever repeating. The Garden was surrounded in the best security she could muster. The Demons and Angels that survived the invasion were placed under surveillance, and were carefully guided by the newly created Angel and Demon Guards. The School system was changed, lessons about anything outside of basic learning abolished. Other worlds were not to be trusted, so why learn about them? The two teachers who were brought in from the other worlds were sent home. The God could could take no risks. They could be spies, preparing for another invasion.

The Goddess herself changed the most, along with the castle she used to share with her dearly departed Devil. She changed it to a fortress of solitude, to reflect the sheer loneliness she felt since the tragedy. Her White Diamonds floated through the halls, keeping close eyes on her retainers. The overall atmosphere changed to one of solemnness and quiet. But the most change was to the room in which she used to chat with the fallen Devil in. The room was changed from gray to stark white from the walls to the floor. The window was covered by a white curtain, and the floating table and chairs were replaced by a single floating throne decorated with those same white diamonds where she sat, with more of them forming a circle around her. Every day, she sat there, eyes closed, only opening them to take updates from her retainers.

The God's appearance had changed to one she had before. The appearance she had during the war with her beloved devil, with some differences. Her hair had grown to reach the floor and beyond and was slightly unkempt from not being regularly combed, due to her not caring to tend to it. The white diamonds that decorated her head were long and pointed, higher than before. Her robes were replaced with the same ones from that time. A floor length white and light gray dress decorated with gray and white diamond patterns, with long gray sleeves and white ruffles with a diamond atop each. Over this was a white cape affixed with gray diamonds and closed with a gray diamond brooch.

And so, the God Etihw sat as she had since that day. Watching her people through the diamonds and being continuously haunted by her own thoughts. The silence was broken by a knock at the large doors that led to the room.

"Permission to enter?"

She recognized the voice instantly, and saw her image through a diamond. The blonde angel named Froze who had served her well during the invasion, and was a member of the party defeated by the Flame World Devil, although she survived. Seeing her brought back memories of her late Angel vassal, Sherbet. Fitting, since she was his reincarnation. She opened her mouth for the first time that day, to address her request.


The door slowly opened and Froze stepped through, her face neutral. She offered a respectful bow and looked up at the floating throne.

"I've come with my report."

The Angel didn't know why reports were necessary. The God had eyes in every corner of the world, and knew everything that happened when it happened. She assumed the reason was that the God could have contact with someone even it was only once a day. And perhaps she needed to be reassured that things were alright.

"Go on."

"Everything is as it should be. No fights, nothing of interest is currently happening."

"Good. You may return to your duties."

"Yes. Oh... And Etihw?"


"....Yosafire and the others... They're worried about you."

This surprised the Goddess, but at the same time, it didn't. The young Demons and Angels, Yosafire, Froze, who was now before her, Macarona, Rawberry, Dialo, and Chelan. They were the most lively of her world, and had fought to keep the world safe from the invasion, though they ultimately failed. They had gotten to know the carefree God she had masqueraded as for so long, and seemed to miss her. Too bad for them. This was needed.

"They shouldn't be. This is how I, the whole world should be. Everyone will be safe this way. No one else will get hurt. No one else will die..."

Froze winced, an expression of pain and sympathy showing on her face. Etihw changed when Kcalb died. She became a shell of her former self, still and distant. It was as if she herself was dead. No attempt at consoling her would work, so all they could do was keep the world, and Etihw's last shreds of sanity, safe. Froze bowed again.

"A-Alright. I'll be going now."

And with that, she left. Closing the doors behind her and leaving the Deity to her thoughts. Etihw hadn't lifted her head to look at Froze once, keeping her eyes closed. Soon, they came back. The words.

"You're learning. Yes, this is how the world should be. Watched. Monitored. Guarded. No more invasions. No more death. No more loss. This is how you'll be happy. No more false peace."

If one was there to look, they would see a single, clear tear roll down her cheek.



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